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Shamanic Healing

A Shaman is a medicine man or women . 

They are the healers of the indigenous tribes .

I do not portray myself to be a shaman as I was not born into an indigenous  tribe,  I do practice the shaman way and I am a shaman Practitioner

Shamans believe that all problems physical, emotional and mental are the root cause of a spiritual imbalance.

A shaman works to restore balance by finding the root cause of the problem

To find the root cause of the problem or problems you may be experiencing we would Start with a full consultation. 

We will discuss your physical , emotional and mental health and your individual personal needs and which Shamanic Healing would best suit you at this time.

Most of the treatments are interactive between the shamanic practitioner and client , Although some healings are done only by the shamanic practitioner

Usually Finishing with an energy balance to complete your treatment and settle the emotions we have worked with during your healing session.

White Sage will then be burnt for smudging to clear any remaining negative energy followed by Sweet grass to bring in the sweeter more positive energies. (we can use alternative to sage if preferred)

Both men and women are welcome for Shamanic treatments.

The following Shamanic treatments available


Shamanic Healing

A shamanic healing is a pleasant and relaxed healing session using drums and rattles to release blocks negative energy , stress and pain

Soul Retrieval

Shamans look at the spiritual form of illness which might manifest on an emotional or physical level. Most shamanic cultures around the world believe that illness is due to the loss of the soul.

It is believed that whenever we suffer an emotional or physical trauma a part of our soul flees the body in order to survive the experience.

The definition of soul meaning is our essence, life force energy or the part of our vitality that keeps us alive and thriving.

The types of trauma that could cause soul loss in our culture today would be Surgery, Addictions, Divorce, or Death of a loved one.

Any kind of Abuse sexual, physical, or emotional, An Accident, Being in a war, Being a victim of a terrorist act, Acting against our morals, Being in a natural disaster such as a Fire or anything we have experienced that caused us hurt or deep pain 

In shamanism we understand that parts of the soul leave the body and go to a place in what shamans call non ordinary reality where it waits until someone intervenes in the spiritual realms and facilitates its return, That someone could be a shamanic practitioner/Healer

It is important to understand that soul loss is a good thing that happens to us. It is how we survive pain.

If you were to be in a head on car collision the last place that you would want your essence to be at the point of impact is fully in your body your psyche could not endure that kind of pain.

Our psyches have this brilliant self protect mechanism where a part of our essence or soul leaves the body so that we do not feel the full impact of the pain or hurt we are experiencing at the time

Sword Cleansing

Do you feel like you can't move forward in life after leaving a job or relationship ? Have you been the victim of bullying ? Do you suffer pain or back ache , neck ache and other aches and pains ? often these things are a form of blocks put on you by yourself or maybe someone else has put on you consciously or unconsciously. You can have energy objects within your aura or symbolically attached to your body. Such as knives , metal objects , leather objects, chains , hoods over your head, ropes ect the list is endless and they can prevent you from moving forward, you may be feeling uncomfortable, sometimes you have aches and pains that you cant explain what has caused them, this maybe an energy object in or connected to that area.

A Shamanic Practitioner is able to do you a Sword Cleanse, working against the block put on you using Shamanic vision they may see objects and through the process of the sword cleanse be able to remove them from your energy, They may also in vision see the person who has placed the negative energy on you.

This is an interactive Shamanic Healing Process that both you and the shamanic practitioner will be working with during your appointment, You will be supported and protected throughout your session

Please note the Sword is a only used as a symbolic tool


Illumination can help release deep rooted emotions left with you from someone causing you pain , heartache and hurt, This could be a Family member, A friend , Partner or Ex-partner , Your Boss or ex-boss , Doctor, Someone in authority or anyone that has caused you pain and upset. You go deep within yourself to tell these people how they hurt you and how it made you feel , really give it to them and let it out , Illumination is a meaty grit your teeth healing process interactive with the practitioner to release the energy deep within you causing you pain and deep rooted emotion

Cutting of Ties

Do you feel drained ? Feel like someone has control over you ? Has a relationship ended but you cant completely break free ? Cutting of ties can help release the attachment you may have on someone or another person has on you , Releasing the cords that attach you to each other so you both can function better , It doesn't mean you wont see the other person again, it means you will feel your own energy levels in a way that you can function and motivate better without the drained heavy feeling and the other person too will be able to move forward in their own lives freeing you both of the cords that attach and drain you , The Cutting of ties is done both by yourself and the practitioner , You will be guided and supported at all times during the cutting of ties it is a good healing process to release you and free you from restrictions in your life

Past Life Healing

Has your life been like a merry go round ? Repeating patterns ? Not sure where your life is heading at this time ? Not completely feeling yourself ? Past life healing is not the same as past life regression , It is a healing process to aid us in breaking old patterns to remove blocks from our past to clear the way forward with a better understanding of why we couldn't reach our goals and the situations surrounding us and even lessons we are learning in this lifetime stemming from past life times , While laying on the bed or couch the practitioner will guide you on a journey similar to meditation to a past life experience to heal and understand that past life that is affecting you in this lifetime , The practitioner will guide and support you at all times during your past life healing session

Womb Healing (for female clients)

Do you have a lot going on in your life ? Have you suffered a miscarriage or abortion ? Feeling blocked cant move on ? Suffered trauma ? Had a hysterectomy or other gynaecology procedure or feel a need to balance out your feminine energy ,

A womb healing is a process done both by you and the practitioner being supported all the time by the practitioner during your healing session , Aiding you to feel good, centred and balanced again

Shamanic Journey

There are a few different types of shamanic journeys depending on your own personal needs , Meeting your power animal or shamanic guide , Asking questions for guidance i.e a new job or home , relationships or just knowing what life may hold for you next ?

Journeying is a pleasant experience done usually by the practitioner while you lay on the bed and drift into quiet slumber, On occasion you can journey for yourself to meet your power animal or guide , Journeying can give closure and guidance in many situations , Knowing who your power animals or your shamanic guides are can give you great support when feeling vulnerable or alone

Death Rites Ceremony

The death rites are done during or up to a week after the passing of a loved one to help them release their spirt self from their physical self , Unlocking the Chakras and releasing the spirit can be done with the person during or after passing or distantly away from the person


This is done separately away from the passed over Person or Animal to assist them on their journey through the Summer lands to the other side and can be done any time after passing

There are many other forms of shamanic healing too depending on each individual needs , during a consultation what your personal needs are.

P​lease Allow 1.5 – 2 hours per appointment.

Remote Healing or Journeying also available for those who arent able to come in person £30 per one hour session or £50 for up to 2 hours

Please use contact page to discuss treatments or to book an appointment

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