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Meditation - Development Circle

Meditation can help clear the mind and ease many health issues such as high blood pressure, depression, anxiety and stress or just rebalance our energy

Meditation focuses all of our attention in the now assisting us in creating the lives we want to have , Increasing self-esteem and trust. Meditation involves achieving a state of thoughtless awareness where you can go to your special sacred place helping to release negative energy , anger and stress it helps you focus on a deeper level, it helps change the way we think and it also helps us to feel more positive in our everyday lives .

The practice of Meditation is to create a discipline everyday , of reflection, allowance and connection with you inner self , guidance & wisdom

Join us for Meditation in a relaxed peaceful and safe environment & learn some easy techniques for establishing harmony and peace in your life

What Happens At The

Meditation/Development Circle

I talk/Guide you through different journeys and visions to help you relax your mind body and spirit , cleanse your inner and outer self , Help you to release negative energy and stress and after the meditation comes to a close we will help you to interpret and understand any visions , feelings or sensations you may have experienced during your meditation and this will be followed by various development exercises using many different ways to help develop your psychic awareness.

It is always a calm and fun place to be

The cost is £10 pp per session

Monthly meditation/development Circle

Meeting the First Wednesday of each month 10am to 12pm or 7pm to 9pm

If you are interested in joining us or for more information

please contact us on the contact page


One to One Guided Meditation

(Approximately One hour)

The cost of One to One is £20

You will be talked through a guided journey personal to your needs and after we will discuss your visions feelings and any guidance you have received also areas of your life that may need a different approach and how we may try to do this

The Crystal Cabin

Ringwood Hampshire

BH24 3AN