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Space Clearing / House Cleansing

Space Clearing is a method used to cleanse the energetic disturbances in your home, business and/or your land. When there are energetic disturbances, such as a haunted room, house or land, spirits may be roaming in the vicinity. A shaman performing a space clearing is necessary to restore peace.

Spiritually visited Houses

Houses become haunted for many reasons. Often times when someone dies, their spirit returns to their house as a place of comfort and familiarity. Traumatic deaths can hold the spirit captive at the location of the event. Someone visiting your home that has a spirit or entity attached to them can then leave it in your home or on your land. Disturbances often come from harmful thought-forms called psychic attack which disrupt the household members. These thoughts can actually send a spirit/entity with the thought-form to you or your location. These entities can then continue to use a portal, their own doorway, to enter and exit into your home or body anytime they wish. 

There are other forms of negative energy that can cause an unhappy home too , Energy from Arguments or Traumas within a home can linger and cause Upset, Depression, Anger or even the feeling of Doom and that you cant move on o matter how hard you try, Cleansing the space or spaces will bring back harmony and balance and the feeling of a peaceful welcoming home

Spiritually Visited Lands

Land can have spirit energy too, Sometimes it will seem as though the house is haunted, but it comes from events held on the land. Then many years later, your home gets built on this piece of land. 

 As the spirit moves through your home, it often does not see the house, but sees the scene from its own time frame , in this case home and land may need energy clearing 

At times a residual energy or memory of an event is held in the space. The memory is called an imprint and can replay the same scenes over and over, like hearing of footsteps on the stairs at the same time each night.

Land will hold the history within it. Battle fields and burial grounds are imprinted with very strong disruptive energetic patterns. 

Reasons for a Space Clearing

You have moved into a new home 

You have had an illness in the household

There has been heavy emotional arguments

Constantly feel confused, depressed or fear

Fear going to sleep at night

have night terrors

You sense spiritual disturbances

Feel cold spots of energy in your home

Feel uneasy in a particular room

You feel or know your home is haunted 

Your child or children see or sense spirit energy

Space Clearing Process

Space Clearing consists of cleansing, purifying, blessing, and balancing the energy of the home and land to restore peace and harmony to your location.

Cleansing the space with white sage and incense.

Balancing out the positive energy with sweetgrass

Drums and rattles

Creating a sacred space in the environment to cross lost spirits over.

Purifying the space by extracting harmful and disruptive energies.

Closing portals and doorways used by entities to enter.

If a spirit has an attachment with a particular person in the home a soul extraction may be performed, A shamanic healing session is recommended for any affected persons in the home a day or more prior to the space clearing.

At the end of a space clearing session a Blessing to the home and land or in shamanic terms an honouring is given.

Space Clearing Fee

The fee is varied depending on the size of the property, for instance if it was a small house/flat with 2 bedrooms bathroom kitchen and lounge and a small garden it could take approximately two hours and would cost £50, But if the property had 15 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms many living or sitting rooms say a hotel or mansion with a few acres of land it would take much longer and the fee would be more.


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