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Children's Meditation Group

We meet the first Saturday of each month from 10am to 11 30am

We always want to give our children the best of everything and do whatever it takes to keep them happy and healthy in life.

Give them the best gift of their life , something they will cherish lifelong and be grateful for , it will change their life and your life for the better. A simple yet very effective technique one of the most valuable skills we can teach our children.

Children are naturally curious and ready to learn new things and young children are especially open to meditation and can adapt easily with imagination and creative play ,

Regular practice of meditation has several beneficial effects on our children’s emotional, mental, intellect and development?

It helps children tune into themselves, sleep better and develop better social interactions. 

Through meditation our children can discover that there is so much more potential in their life, that the stresses in their life are short-term problems that with meditation can be easily over come .

It is common through the developmental stages for children to have tantrums and tears. We want them to easily navigate these phases without too much distress.

Children often feel frustrated or irritable when they don’t get their own way and things get difficult as they haven’t yet learnt the virtue of patience. A toddler may scream and cry for a toy while a school child would resist if they are told to do something they don’t like. and with increased technology the expectation of instant solutions can increase impatience in children.

Overcoming fear is another challenge for children as they are growing up in this fast-paced world. Fears, such as not being accepted and not having friends , as well as the primal fears of death and losing loved ones can trouble children.

Emotional stability is essential for healthy growth in our children's future

Meditation allows children to return to their natural rhythm and helps them cope with the emotions of frustration and fear. It helps to balance the whole system by supporting emotional development and gives rest to the mind so that they are not overwhelmed by their strong feelings.

Is your child experiencing strong emotions such as tempers, sadness, frustration or fear ? if so maybe bring them along to a session and see how we work together in our children's group to change the thought process and aid natural thinking into our daily lives using guided imaginary story time and crafting many different ways to take home

What happens at the meditation group

Each group session will be different i.e. musical instruments for sound vibration therapy , Crystals to look at and use in meditation , mindful stories or commonly known as guided meditation through story telling to open the mind to imaginary vision , making different things to take home and help to focus and calm the mind , concentrating on breathing to teach them to calm themselves down in different situations i.e. excitement , sadness , upset , anxiety or anger , using breathing techniques to focus the mind and take them away from the emotion they may be experiencing at that time

Children aged 5 years to 10 years  

if you have older or younger children that you feel may benefit from our groups please get in touch as I may start other groups for older children and mother and toddler groups or you may be able to come along and join in with us 

First Saturday of each month 10am to 11 30 am £7 00 per child 

If you have more than one child attending it will be £5 per additional childr 

Location: Ringwood, Hampshire BH24 3AN

please use the contact page for more info or to book your child's place