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Animal Healing

All animals large and small can benefit from natural healing , Reiki helps to heal and relax them, On no account does Reiki ever cause discomfort , pain or distress. Animals are very receptive to Reiki energy and its healing properties,

During a treatment some animals may move closer to the healer and some prefer to lay away from them receiving their healing from a distance, Wherever they are they will still receive the same benefit from the Reiki and Crystal Healing.

Distant healing can also help if you live far away and aren't able to get to me or me to you in person, using a photo or a personal mandala made by me with love just for the animal in question, I will sit quietly with the picture or mandala or both if needed and will send healing across time and space, you will notice your animal feeling the healing energy and responding in many different ways from licking to laying down and sleeping, Their eyes too may be glazed over as if sleeping with there eyes open as this is a spiritual guided energy and they may be in a euphoric state of relaxation

For healthy animals Reiki/Crystal treatments help to maintain the state of health and overall well-being and it can help to ease muscle tension and assist relaxation.

For animals that are unwell Reiki assists healing at the deepest level and is a safe complement to conventional medicine and all other forms of healing. 

Reiki also helps to reduce the side effects of other treatments . i.e. toxins from medication and negative energy caused by distress from trauma or abuse

For dogs, cats and other domestic animals I prefer to see them in their own homes if possible, A quiet room would be great for the healing session , I am happy to see them in my healing cabin at my home if it is easier , I prefer the animal’s owner to be present.

Reiki can aid young animals when leaving their mum for the first time

to stay calm while they adjust to their new surroundings.

Reiki can help the older animals too with general aging ailments such as arthritis, Eye or mouth problems or general aches and pains, For better quality of life in the later stages of life

Reiki is brilliant for rescue Animals that are scared or have been mistreated it may help the animal to let go of negativity and sadness caused by ill treatment .

For horses, Cows and other large animals, I would suggest that a healing session is given in the comfort of their stable or paddock area in peace and quiet , Although this is not necessary but may aid in the healing process . I welcome the owner to be present as this can help the Animal to feel calm and safe during there treatment.

To book or for further information please go to the contact page