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My name is Donna

I am a Reiki Master, Teacher & Practitioner, I am also a Shamanic Practitioner and I am fully qualified to Teach and Pass on the Nine Great Rites of Passage of the Munay-Ki

I give Reiki ,Crystal, Animal , Shamanic and distant healing

I have Reiki one , Reiki two and Reiki Masters Degree & Certificates .

I am a certified Shamanic Practitioner

I teach and pass on the Munay-Ki , Nine Rights of Passage & I have Certificates in all of the Three levels & The Thirteenth Rite of the Moon

I have been doing Tarot Card Readings for many years and have completed courses on them and have Certificates & I also teach Tarot card reading 

I have also completed courses on Angel Cards and Other Oracle Cards and give readings on them too .

I do not portray myself to be a medium although I have the honour of a gift and have been aware of spirit since I was a young child , Connecting and interacting with spirit on many different levels throughout my life . 

I do receive messages from spirit but they come as they choose to , I am not  able to connect with spirit on the spot,  Spirit often link with me when I am giving a healing or reading

It is very comforting to receive a message from a passed over loved one and to get confirmation their energy is around us often . I love passing on any messages I receive from spirit to their loved ones bringing a sense of inner peace to those that may receive a message

Natural and holistic therapies never cease to amaiz​e me I enjoy giving healing , I love being able to help give a person or animal balance and harmony back in their life and seeing a person or animal balanced out after a healing session .  

Please contact me for more details or to book appointment

I look forward to meeting you soon 

Location: Ringwood, Hampshire

Hours: Flexible